Motivation letter for master’s in business analytics example

A Master in Business Analytics gives you an opportunity to develop very interesting and successful career in the various fields. Master programs in business analytics are nowadays one of the most popular master degree programs and offered by many prestigious universities.

Therefore we have prepared for you motivation letter because you will be definitely required to submit one with you application. The motivational letter we have drafted is for a Master of Science in Business Analytics offered by NYU Stern., however the sample may be easily adjusted for a similar master in business analytics offered by another University.

What has to be included in Motivation letter for Master in Business Analytics?

Your motivation letter has to ensure that selection committee can find out everything relevant for studies about you. Therefore, within motivation letter for master in Business analytics, you should try to answers to all of the following questions:

  • How have you developed interest for business analytics?
  • How will studying a master in business analytics affect your career and what do you hope to attain?
  • Why this particular University is best for you?
  • Do you have required skills and competences to study this master program?

Try to answer to the all above questions and structure well your letter, by paying special attention to the grammar. Use short sentences and write in a clear and concise manner. Avoid repeating details from your resume and make more personal approach with the potential reader.

Sample motivation letter for master’s in business analytics

This letter was submitted for the Master of Science program in Business Analytics at the NYU Stern, USA. Even though letter is genuine, we have slightly modified it and personal data of the candidate.

Dear Sir, Madam,

With this letter, I wish to apply for Master of Science program in Business Analytics, offered by NYU Stern.

Even though I have been working in client management and business development and I already have MBA in marketing, I have always benefited from my IT background the most. As I have adopted process of analytical thinking process during my studies, the professional career path I have chosen for myself was much easier.

More so, knowledge of the methodology of analytical reasoning and decision-making has helped me to identify niche for myself. I has enlighten me and showed me that what matters in business is how well do you analyse the various parameters and then channel you campaigns rather than being good as a salesperson.

Working around the globe made me more aware of this phenomenon, and provided an incentive to further develop my knowledge by enrolling to MSc degree program in Business Analytics. If I want to advance in career, I need to learn how to effectively utilize my skills. This will help me to become a top manager one day. My education and experience has so far introduced me to the various possibilities, tools and methods but to be at the top, I must master the same and hence, my decision for revisiting the academia and elaborating my skill set further.

Thorough work I have assessed my personal strengths, and came to appreciate business analytics as the backbone of success for any business and moving forth, I envision myself finding a position within the same sphere of decision makers who determine the tide of businesses across the globe. To achieve that I have to sustain fundamental knowledge about global economy and learn sophisticated business analytics techniques to become better that my competitors.

From this point, I feel Business Analytics would see a marked rise in professionals throughout the globe, with a variety of experience delving into the pure science of analytics and relating their respective experience in the sector. I expect the sector would invite tenured and experienced professionals to look at the way they conduct businesses in the hectic environment. I hope when that happens, I will be ready for the challenge.

I would offer my leadership skills, a strong educational background and desire to go one-step further than the others would. I have the right academic record, the right skills and attitude to succeed and I am convinced that this program is the right stepping-stone for my professional ambitions.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am waiting for your response.

Yours faithfully,

James Smith