Motivation letter for Bachelor of Commerce example

A Bachelor of Commerce gives you an opportunity to develop very interesting and successful career, because you will learn how to apply your thinking in a commercial capacity to influence change. These programs are nowadays one of the most popular undergraduate degree programs and offered by many prestigious universities.

Therefore, we have prepared for you motivation letter for Bachelor of Commerce because you will be definitely required to submit one with your application. The motivational letter we have drafted is for a college degree program offered by Monash in Australia., however the sample may be easily adjusted for a similar bachelor programs offered by another University.

What has to be included in Motivation letter for Bachelor of Commerce?

Your motivation letter has to ensure that selection committee can find out everything relevant for studies about you. Therefore, within motivation letter for Bachelor of Commerce, you should try to answers to all of the following questions:

  • How have you developed interest for commerce?
  • How will studying a bachelor of commerce affect your career and what do you hope to attain?
  • Why this particular University is best for you?
  • Do you have required skills and competences to study this undergraduate?

Try to answer to the all above questions and structure well your letter, by paying special attention to the grammar. Use brief expressions and write in a concise manner. Avoid repeating details from your resume and make more personal approach with the potential reader.

Sample motivation letter for Bachelor of Commerce with major in Accounting

This letter was submitted for the Bachelor of Commerce at the Monash, Australia. Even though letter is genuine, we have slightly modified it and personal data of the candidate.

Dear Sir, Madam,

My name is Rasheed Mooji and I will graduate from Seventh Grammar School in 2020. I am writing this letter to apply for admission into the Bachelor of Commerce program with major in Accounting at Monash University, as I am interested both in commerce and in accounting.

In my opinion, many people in India without reference to their qualification, are largely uninformed in matters of commerce, even though they are dealing with commercial activities on a daily basis. I feel that I can acquire more knowledge and experience in Australia, than here. Therefore, I would like to pursue my degree there. Furthermore, I have always been interested in that invisible force that moves the world and our daily lives. I have always been interested in commerce as I have been taking advanced Math and English courses since 2016. India is now in an urgent need of new ideas and young professionals, and I want to be one of them. Thus, I would like to prepare by obtaining a degree in the Australia. Moreover, I have chosen to apply for Monash, because I really like its module system of study.

I have an ambition to work as a chief finance officer in the finance sector in the future. To achieve that goal, I need a solid educational base and I believe that your institution would give me the required academic preparation and some practical experience. I am highly motivated by the competitive nature of the field I have chosen and I am ready to work hard to attain my professional and academic aspirations.

I am confident that Monash University would be an excellent start for an ambitious business career. For improving my education in commerce and preparing to start a career with confidence, Monash University is the most appropriate choice for me. Moreover, your institution has a good ranking which makes it even more attractive as a choice for undergraduate studies. Insomuch I am amazed by the University and I believe in you and your program.

I consider myself to be a good candidate because of my thirst for knowledge. I also have a flexible and tolerant personality and can easily adapt to any environment. I believe that I should follow my dream while I am still young because now, I believe I can achieve anything. Thus, I am quite sure that I would like to apply for Monash University program in order to achieve my goals. I do well under pressure but motivating environment can stimulate me to perform even better.  

In conclusion, I would like to reconfirm that I am eager to gain new experiences, improve my skills and Broaden my understanding of the dynamic commercial world.

Thank you very much for considering my application.

Yours faithfully,

Sincerely yours,

Rasheed Mooji