Motivation letter for Bachelor of nursing sample

Bachelor of Nursing programs are quite popular nowadays, because graduates can pursue a range of careers as a Registered Nurse within the health care industry including aged care nursing, medical/surgical nursing, mental health nursing, etc.

Most of the programs in Bachelor of Nursing combine clinical practice with the theory, through Clinical placements. Therefore, they offer unique educational experiences of working in care facilities.

To enrol to Bachelor of Nursing, you would be most likely required to submit motivation letter for the admission. In this article we have prepare one motivation letter for bachelor of nursing at ACU, for your inspiration. Please note that letter is not genuine, i.e. it was not written by applicant, so you can use it for your application with slight modifications.

Good luck!

Motivational letter for Bachelor of nursing example

Dear Sir, Madam,

I am writing this motivation letter to apply for Bachelor of Nursing degree course offer by ACU for the academic years 2021/2022.

It is my honour to have the opportunity to express myself at your university. I have graduated from in Malaysia with GPA of 4 from Medical Secondary School in may this year. During my secondary school I took all course required for specialization in nursing, and I plan to register as a nurse in summer this year.

I am highly motivated to pursue a career in which I will have the opportunity to help and care for people and therefore becoming a nurse is logical choice to meet this ambition. I find nursing as a career for reliable, dedicated and trusting people who are able to develop relationships with patients quickly. Since I have these skills and I honestly want to make a difference to people nursing career is something which perfectly matches my career and life goals.

Now nursing is changing as nurses are far more involved in the wellbeing of patients and this is placing more responsibility on us. So, I would like to continue my education in nursing in order to prepare myself for the future challenges.  I am assured of embracing this challenge and to take advantage of these changes and opportunities and use them to further my career.

In the future I would like to make a career as Adult nurse and I feel that an adult nursing degree will be the first step in giving me this opportunity. I have chosen to pursue my Bachelor degree at ACU, because this is one of the best institutions in the world for Bachelor in Nursing programs. I would like to study on the campus in Ballarat since I have heard great thing about this campus from the alumni members in Malaysia. I am also taking this opportunity to inform you that I have a proof of meeting English Language Proficiency requirements and that I have completed all prerequisites courses.

I consider myself to be a good candidate because of my thirst for knowledge. In addition, I also have a flexible and tolerant personality and can easily adapt to any environment. Thus, I am quite sure that I would like to apply for Bachelor of Nursing at ACU in order to achieve my goals. I do well under pressure but motivating environment can stimulate me to perform even better.

In conclusion, I would like to reconfirm that I am eager to gain new experiences, improve my skills and prepare myself for future challenges.

Thank you very much for considering my application.


[Name, Surname]