Motivation letter for Operations Manager Sample

Operations managers are today among most wanted job professionals with above average earnings. According to the statistics of one of the most popular job boards they earn more than USD 90k per annuum.  In general, they perform range of operations needed for coordination of operations. If you are likely to pursue career in this field you will have to submit a Motivation letter for Operations Manager with job application.

What is a job description of Operations Manager?

Operation Managers are in charge of planning and coordinating operations with objective of improving efficiency and productivity. Their job description incorporates various tasks and responsibilities, including, but not limited to supervision, HR Management, marketing, supervision and management, sales management, etc.

Most of large and medium-sized companies today have operations managers, leading organizational departments or specific functions, like budget, finance, marketing, HR, etc.

Example of motivational letter for Operations Manager

Dear Ms, Smith,

With this letter I would hereby like to express my motivation and apply for a position of Operations Manager in Carrefour. I saw an open Call for applications in newspapers last Friday.

Being highly skilled and successful manager with wide-ranging experience in coordinating human resources, budgets and general logistics I have extensive knowledge and skills that will allow me to contribute toward the success of your organization. In performing my duties, I always strive to ensure compliance to regulations and organizational procedures and practices, while giving in the same time high quality outputs, and delivering stipulated results.

During my career I have had experience in the following areas: management of operational processes, development of best practices, development of inventory plans, monitoring personnel logistical activities, development of staff development plans and tools. I fully committed to adherence to organizational goals and requirements while facilitating streamlined HR operations and motivating team members to deliver best results. For further reference and more details please advise attached professional resume.

Nevertheless, continued personal and professional growth are an important part of my success, and I am devoted to results and goals.

As an experienced Operations Manager, I recognise the importance of optimizing business processes without losing personal connections with employees. I thrive on encouraging staff performance and was praised by senior management for my ability to ensure adherence to established organizational processes while maintaining a positive and motivating corporate culture.

I perceive working for Carrefour as an excellent career opportunity and therefore I am highly motivated to bring all my skills and knowledge to the new post.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I’m looking forward to learning more details about the Operations Manager position in Carrefour. I’m excited to speak with you further about how my combined education and expertise can create the greatest impact for the company.


[Name Surname]