Motivation letter for PhD in Business Economics example

Thinking about enrolling in a PhD program in Business Economics? Then this article is perfect for you. We will provide you a motivation letter sample for a PhD in Business Economics. You can easily adjust this letter to any doctoral program in the field of economics, business studies, business research and management. Good luck!

Motivation letter sample for a PhD in Business Economics

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Dear Sir, Madam,

My name is Maria Coffidis and I am a recent graduate of Master in International Economics, currently employed in research institute in Italy. I am writing to apply for the PhD Candidate in Business Economics with the project topic of “Climate change reporting as an instrument for climate control.” In Radboud University

I became familiar with resource management thanks to the summer camp in the USA. After lectures my appreciation for environmental research expanded gradually. I have also volunteer for forest conservation projects where I have committed myself to act as an active citizen for biodiversity conservation. This particular experience has motivated me to take more active involvement in environmental issues and to contribute and improve existing research on sustainable development.

My graduate coursework gave me theoretical knowledge including economic models: methods, theory and application of tools used by organizations in their holistic approach to sustainable development. In general education has improved my understanding of the actors’ of sustainable development such as the government, organization and citizens. I gained vision on common goals in sustainable development including economic, environmental and social goals. My coursework scrutinized various case studies in which management’s perceptions of various types of stakeholder influences in different industries affect the type of sustainable practices each organization adopts in their respective industry. Skills I gained in economic analysis will help me to apply tools such as scenario analysis to improve the quality of existing climate reports.

Working in an accounting research institute has increased my ability to research, analyse and present key components of decision-making process. It includes analysing, justifying and presenting organizational decision-making process in changing or reinventing a business process and strategy. Investigating countless financial and annual reports, appraisals and agreements has enabled me to map a company’s transaction and link it to its financial statements. My research typically involves qualitative research of the company’s geographical region, competitors, industry, and quantitative analysis of the financial performance. In general, my findings provide an economic analysis of transactions of the company and present a detailed explanation of the benefits and utilization; steps in choosing the selected method, application of the research method, creating or implementing a qualitative and quantitative yardstick and reasoning of the company’s financial position. The scope of work generally involved creating benchmark studies using company reports, agreements and annual reports gathered from commercial databases such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters. Experience with analysis of the functions, assets and risks of a firm and effect on its business operation will prepare me to improve the quality of strategic and risk management disclosures associated with climate change reporting.

The combination of my knowledge from graduate school along with the work experience exemplifies the ideal PhD candidate to bridge the gap found in climate change disclosures. I would like to contribute to the topic of climate reporting by answering key questions regarding the status quo of international climate change reporting regimes; comparing mandatory versus voluntary disclosure schemes and effect on reducing CO2 emissions; and analysing investors’ reaction to climate-related disclosures. Research at Radboud University will reinforce my knowledge on environmental economics and put these concepts in practice to achieve sustainable development.

The high quality of technical skills I’ll receive from Radboud University will refine my research skills in improving the quality of climate reporting to achieve our shared goal of a carbon neutral economy. Merging of my abilities and an earnest passion for research will complement your University’s impressive network of creative professionals. I am highly committed to deliver a fresh perspective, industry experience, unclouded judgement and an open mind eager to absorb and apply the knowledge and experience of your talented academicians to benefit the field of business economics and future society. Selecting me renders to a PhD candidate eager to contribute to climate reporting as a contrivance to influence the decisions of policy makers, key groups and corporations.

I am confident that my academic records, experience, professional goals and my enthusiasm qualify me for consideration.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.


Maria Coffidis



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