Motivation letter for Mechanical Fitter Sample

Mechanical Fitters are in high demand today, because they are responsible for installing, assembling, and repairing of various equipment, such as lathes, pumps, and turbines. Therefore, in motivation letter for mechanical fitter It is important to mention that you know how to use such tools as drills, grinders, welding equipment. Furthermore, you can mention you can use various types of cutters to work on pipes, valves and motors.

Typical Mechanical Fitter will know how to replace worn machinery parts, make required repairs, adhere to a maintenance schedule for manufacturing equipment and make adjustments to equipment as needed. Nevertheless, the you be available to make on-site repairs or transport a damaged part of the machine to a shop to complete their work.

What should letter of motivation for mechanical fitter include?

In a typical Motivation letter for Mechanical Fitter following skills would likely be declared: Reading schematics, technical manuals, and diagrams, problem-solving skills, knowledge of machine parts and tools, capacity to work autonomously and-orientation to detail.

Since no university degree is required for Mechanical fitter job, there is no need to use complex expressions, rather focus on what you know and how you can contribute to work. Also, it would be good to list your major achievements and express strong motivation for a new post.

Example of motivation letter for mechanical fitter

Dear Ms, Smith,

With this letter I would hereby like to express my motivation and apply for a position of Mechanical fitter in Machineries INC. I saw an opening in newspapers last Tuesday.

As presented in my resume, I have 11 years of experience from which I was able to fully develop my eye-hand coordination and problem-solving skills that are important to this position. During last two years, I have worked on machines that manufacture hydraulic parts and turbines for heavy constructions. I am fully trained in the installation, and maintenance of these turbines.

Below I have listed major accomplishments and skills learned during my eleven years of experience:

  • Associate’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Cape Town Community college
  • Worked for 7 years on measuring and marking out of work done. Designed the system for tracking progress.
  • Extensive experience in fitting and assembling machine parts.
  • In possession of skills required for inspection, maintenance and installation of machines. Worked on establishment of assembling line in car industry in Iraq for 2 years.
  • Experienced in record keeping and progress tracking techniques.

As you can assume from the above, I possess the skills required for this position. I am fully able to work both in teams and autonomously and can easily follow project and maintenance schedules. Since I have consistently maintained various types of industrial machines to reduce downtime and increase productivity, I believe I can become an excellent asset of your team.

I perceive working for Machineries INC as an excellent career opportunity and therefore I am highly motivated to bring all my skills and knowledge to the new post.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I’m looking forward to learning more details about the Mechanical fitter positions in Machineries INC. I’m excited to speak with you further about how my combined training and expertise can create the greatest impact for the company.


[Name Surname]