Motivation Letter For a Staff Officer

If you have a dream to obtain the best Staff officer looking for motivation letter samples, you might find this one useful.

Staff Officers are present everywhere today, from combatant commands and US Embassies to senior leadership staff working in the Pentagon. They handle numerous duties ranging from force management to support services. The role of Staff Officer has evolved over the years, yet they continue to carry out functions that make an impact on the military’s readiness, effectiveness, efficiency and mission support – their assigned unit’s ability to accomplish their established mission.

Motivational letter Sample for Staff Officer

I am interested in the open Staff Officer position at National Council for the Blind. I believe that my educational and work experience make me a strong candidate for the position.

Experience: During my tenure at XYZ University, I developed a passion for office management. I have sought out multiple opportunities to develop my administrative skills. For example, last summer, I worked as a student assistant in the Human Resources department of National Council for the Blind. My duties included updating employee information on an internal database as well as answering phones. Due to my strong communication skills, I have been given even more responsibilities. For example, I now schedule staff meetings and conference calls and also conduct interviews with prospective employees. My hard work has not gone unnoticed; I recently received a promotion to Assistant to the Director of Staff Office.
As evidenced by my resume, I have over ten years of office experience in a variety of positions including Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, Lead Office Manager and Office Coordinator.

In each position, I used my organizational skills to streamline workflow and improve overall efficiency in my department. My ability to communicate effectively is evidenced by my interactions with an array of clients including coworkers, supervisors and vendors as well as clients themselves.

I think that your organization can provide me with a challenging position where I will get a chance to utilize my skills and knowledge to the fullest. I want to work for your organization because I think that our values are very much alike.


John Smith