Combining Creativity and Coding: Motivation letter sample for the New Media Design Program at Jönköping University

Are you considering pursuing higher education in the field of web development and graphic design? Motivation letters are an essential part of the university application process, as they provide insight into the applicant’s personality, aspirations, and goals.

Jan Tibor’s motivation letter is a great example of how to write an effective letter that showcases one’s passion for a field of study and commitment to achieving one’s goals. In this letter, Tibor expresses his strong interest in the New Media Design program at Jönköping University and outlines his academic and extracurricular achievements, as well as his work experience. He also emphasizes his desire to learn about web development and graphic design and how he hopes to leverage his creativity while focusing on coding. Overall, Jan Tibor’s motivation letter demonstrates his dedication and eagerness to pursue a career in IT, and it is a testament to his excellent communication and writing skills.

Motivation letter sample for New Media Design Program

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my strong motivation and interest in the New Media Design program at Jönköping University, as I am eager to pursue a career in both web development and graphic design.

In my opinion, coding webpages offers endless opportunities for creativity, and this is precisely what excites me about the world of IT. I believe that this program would be an excellent fit for me, as it will enable me to learn not only about web development and designing user interfaces, but also how to apply theoretical knowledge to practice while fostering creativity, whether working alone or in a group.

Computers have fascinated me from a young age. My interest in technology started to grow towards the end of my penultimate year in elementary school, and with the support of my parents, I worked hard to gain entry to a high school where I could learn to understand computers, write programs, create and manage networks.

Throughout my academic journey, I have acquired extensive knowledge, honed my critical thinking skills, and developed algorithmic thinking, which I consider essential for anyone working in IT. Participating in various competitions has allowed me to reflect on my deficiencies and identify areas for improvement, whether it be communication, technical skills, or teamwork.

The ever-evolving field of IT constantly changes the world and offers new opportunities for learning, which fascinates me. Moreover, it offers a secure future, which motivates me to continue studying as long as possible.

Designing and photography are also dear to me, and I am determined to take my passion for design to the next level by integrating it into coding. I have already designed posters and visuals for various events, and I believe that this program will enable me to leverage my creativity while focusing on coding, which is precisely what I need.

After my first semester, I realized that I wanted to gain practical experience, so I began looking for part-time jobs. At the age of fifteen, it was not easy to find employment as most businesses prefer to hire candidates aged seventeen or eighteen. Nonetheless, I persevered, and together with two of my friends, I landed a job as a server at a local confectionery. Although it was not related to my field of study, I enjoyed working there and learned valuable communication and interpersonal skills. I also completed more than 50 hours of community service by organizing school events, giving performances, and taking photographs and videos.

After three years, I decided to take on a job that was more related to IT. For the past six months, I have been organizing national volleyball matches almost every weekend, providing technical support and assistance. After undergoing a short training, I became familiar with the software used for keeping scores, and I have been supervising the local network used during the matches, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. This job has challenged me to think outside the box on several occasions, and I have enjoyed the unpredictable nature of the work. Moreover, I have met wonderful people, and I feel that I have grown as a person during these past months.

Although I am adaptable and able to fit in easily, I anticipate encountering new situations as I immerse myself in a new culture and community. However, I am excited to take on such challenges because I believe that exposing oneself to new ideas and people fosters greater understanding and a more open personality. Sweden and Jönköping University, with its diverse student body, would be the ideal place for this. My parents have always been supportive, and I am eager to make them proud, as well as myself.

I am interested in learning the Swedish language and believe that the best way to do so is by being immersed in it. I also hope to settle in Sweden after completing my studies, as I believe that the economy offers many opportunities and that the country’s scenery is stunning.

Undoubtedly, pursuing higher education in a foreign country would challenge me to step out of my comfort zone, but I am confident that I possess the necessary skills and qualities to excel in this endeavor. If I receive an acceptance letter from the university, I will eagerly embrace this opportunity and strive to broaden my knowledge of user experience and web development while forging lasting friendships. My ultimate goal is to maximize my university experience and leverage it to make a positive impact on the lives of those around me.

Kind regards,

Jan Tibor