6 tips for writing creative motivation letter for a job application

There is quite big difference when writing a standard motivation letter and writing a creative motivation letter for a job application. Probably the major difference it that the creative motivation letter is much more informal, because it is more personal. The main benefit of this approach in writing is that it can help you get your job application noticed.

Creative motivation letters are usually expected from the candidates who apply for artistic and creative jobs, like for a copywriter, designer, marketing specialists, etc.  However, many other job applicants rely on the benefits of creative motivation letters to get the position.

How to write a creative motivation letter that attracts attention ?

Just like any motivation letter, when writing a standing out motivation letter, you should keep it to one page in length. The aim of the motivation letter is to show your motivation for a particular job post. You have to strive to demonstrate this goal with your motivation letter, but also to respect the prescribed form.

1.    Make a creative opening paragraph.

In the first paragraph mention what motivated you to apply for the open position. In a creative motivation letter opening sentence should be brief, edgy, and personal. To gain the attention of the reader your motivation letter should have a memorable introductory statement. Maybe a sample below will help you get an idea how to do it:

I am writing to apply for Sales director position at Walmart. My approach to sales management is straightforward: I strive to be the kind of leader I’d want to work for. In my two years at Hitches, I increased our average annual sales by 14%.”

2.    Match your skills to the job requirements

Next part of the creative motivation letter is actually the main one. Use the body of a letter as your sales field. This is where you display your skills that are important for the job you applied for. Remember to be concise, as your motivation letter should be no more than about four paragraphs in total.

3.    Highlight your achievements

Emphasize your major professional achievements, by certifying that they are relevant to the advertised post. The objective of this part is to describe what you do best in your field of work.

“As a president of the film club on the college, I I have coordinated film screenings both on campus and in the local theatre. As I knew a lot about films, my friends assigned me a nickname iMDb!”

Like in the example above, achievement does not need to be something exclusively related to the job. In this case it actually demonstrates the personality of the application, as someone who is leader in what he does, someone who is knowledgeable about subject and recognized in the community for his/her accomplishments.

4.    Pride about your experiences

Do not hesitate to show pride about your work experiences in the past, especially when they are relevant for the post you apply. Make an extra effort to show how this experience can support you to perform well on the new post. If you don’t know how to do it, have a look at the example below:

After freelancing for several marketing agencies, I have spent three years at International Copywriters, where I did a campaign for Coca-Cola. Furthermore, for the time being there I have developed content strategies for new clients that brought organic growth every month.”

5.    Make a remarkable closing paragraph for your creative motivation letter

The closing paragraph should be short and limited to few brief sentences. After the closing remarks are the closing salutations with your name typed and signed. Show that you are open for new challenges, and that you happy to take involvement. You can use some of the following phrases for this part of the motivation letter:

  1. “If it would be your pleasure, I’d be thoroughly delighted to speak with you further about the post and my skills and qualifications.”
  2. “I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you about how I can contribute.”
  3. “I’m enthusiastic to offer my expertise in…”

6.    Use creative layouts

Additional tool that can make your letter attractive to the reader is the use of different creative layouts and formats. However, keep in mind that motivation letter for a job is still business letter, and don’t use to many different colours and images. You want to keep it serious!

If will be enough to find a professional letter types and play with the combination of different professional styles.  Next step would be to explore professional memos company has used in the past to see what is the style company prefers in the business communication.  You can find some of them probably on the website of the company. Use google to explore their website and search for *.pdf or *.doc filetypes.