Motivation letter sample for a Microbiologist

2020 is marked by the COVID-19 emergency which has immense effect on our lives. Quarantines, deadly statistics and fear for our dearest. All of the work would have been impossible without the engagement of the microbiologists, who are sole responsible for conducting tests and act as a last resort for inventing vaccine and instruments to fight this peril. As medical scientists, they are working in the first rows in the battle with COVID-19. Their primary task during the pandemics is establishing a validated test system for COVID-19 testing. That is why their work drastically changed during the pandemic. Never-ending tests, laboratory hours and reporting to the media are part of the microbiologist duties, so without doubt more and more staff will be needed in future, considering the duration of the COVID-19 disaster. Therefore, the labor market will be soon flooded with job advertisements looking for microbiologists. Potential candidates should be prepared by updating their Resume and writing a superior motivation letter for Microbiologist, as it will be requested.

Motivation letter for Microbiologist – sample

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Dear Madam/Sir,

I found the job ad at for a COVID-19 Microbiologist. Looking closely at the ad I realized that it perfectly matches my interests and I believe that it will be beneficial for your Hospital. This is because I am writing this Motivation letter for Microbiologist and enclosing my Resume for your closer consideration.

I have worked as Microbiologist throughout my whole career (20 years of experience). In addition to my master’s degree in microbiology I have built a career in laboratory testing at the Research Institute XXX in XXX. During my work experience I have dealt with various range of tests, mostly in tropical diseases testing and recently with HIV and contagious viruses. Through my career I have strived to improve my knowledge by attending several seminars, trainings and workshops for medical staff and biologist which enabled me to deal with testing of “new” viruses such as SARS. During the last SARS global pandemic, I was appointed as team leader in my Department, where I have trained and tutored several students and staff in the newest procedures for SARS testing. I am ready to utilize that experience in combating the COVID-19 pandemic, as a member of your team. Also, with proven experience in dealing with emerging pandemic I believe that I am suitable candidate for position of a microbiologist at your establishment. I hope that this motivation letter for microbiologist prove my intentions.

I am eager to continue my career as Microbiologist at your facility and I am ready to commence my service as soon as possible. I am enclosed my Resume along with this motivation letter for microbiologist for your closer consideration. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via telephone or this e-mail.

Kind regards,

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